Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Get 'Write' To It with the Amazing Jayme Sloan Hennel

I'm such a sucker for mail. Not email. Real mail. When I go on vacation, I mail postcards (yes, I instagram my butt off, but digital images will never replace real mail) which, truth be told, are getting harder and harder to find. I mail thank you notes, birthday cards, and holiday greetings. While I am all about being green, I know that there is far more value in maintaining the art of letter writing, and keeping the USPS alive and thriving than worrying about using paper. Add to that the fact that paper can be held, read over, kept, and shared. (I have so many cards from my grandparents, and keep them as reminders of moments we shared.) Nothing is more powerful to me than sending beautiful pieces of ephemera.

When I find something wonderful, I want to share it. In part, so that those around me get the supreme opportunity to share in the goodness, and in part because I want it to keep selling so that it sticks around.

I found a really cool company that makes drool-worthy cards (some of which I am bringing to the shop this week). I am happy to introduce you to the woman who does it all, Jayme Sloan Hennel.

Jayme Sloan Hennel produces beautiful and fun handmade cards.
This sweet, tongue-in-cheek birthday card is the kind your recipient will have a laugh from & always remember fondly.

Company Name: Hennel Paper Co.

Tell us a little about who you are personally:
I'm a Michigan girl, born and raised in Metro Detroit, who has a huge fascination with the South. A jeans and t-shirt kind of girl that loves nothing more than getting my hands dirty in the studio. I'll take a day in the studio over a manicure any day of the week. I'm huge animal lover and enjoy nothing more than going on road trips with the love of my life. I snatched him up back in 2009 and haven't looked back since. Best decision I ever made.    

What made you decide to start your own business:
Having my own business is something I've wanted since I was young. I have always loved drawing and it just made so much sense for me to build my business based around my passion. I can put in a full day's work and the time flies because none of it actually feels like real work. I wanted to live a life based on following my dreams, and that's exactly what I'm doing. It's really an incredible feeling. We are a two person shop, I create and produce all of our products and my husband is the behind the scenes man helping me to keep everything running smoothly. I wouldn't be able to make any of this happen without him.

What is your process for making your products?
I design and produce all of our products in our home studio. Everything starts in my sketchbook with a pencil drawing, then I ink the final design with Micron brand markers. From there I scan each drawing and take everything into Photoshop for layout and color work. Once I have my finished layout I print and produce all of our products in-house. We actually have the whole process documented here: www.hennelpaperco.com/illustration-process. We also have many photos on Instagram of before and afters that compare the original sketchbook art to the finished product: instagram.com/jaymesloan.

Do you think it's important for people to buy American handmade?
I think it is so important for people to buy handcrafted American goods. We are makers and craftsmen. When you buy handmade you are buying a work of art that has a story behind it and you are supporting not only us, but our crafts. It is our goals is to produce high quality, eco-friendly products from locally sourced materials. We support American handmade and rely on that same support from our wonderful customers.

Favorite quote:
"Some things take time." This is such a great reminder for me to slow down and produce quality over quantity. I easily get caught up in the hustle and want everything done right now, so this quote reminds me to take my time and enjoy the process.

Friday, February 28, 2014

A New York Minute With Kikay's Lea Faminiano

As a connoisseur of quality handmade items, I've finally found my favorite jewelry maker, a woman named Lea Faminiano. We are fortunate to be carrying some of her handmade jewelry in our shop, Domestic Living Comforts.  You'll love her jewelry and, after reading this Q&A, you'll find that she is equally wonderful.

Lea, who is currently residing and working in New York City, got her start in Mountain Lakes, NJ
Just a sampling of the fabulous jewelry that Lea designs (I happen to own the turquoise one myself).

Company Name: Kikay

Tell us a little about who you are personally: 
I'm originally from Mountain Lakes, and moved to New York a little over two years ago while I was at graduate school at Parsons. Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be an artist, and have always been involved in some sort of creative project...painting, drawing, calligraphy, graphics, animation, I love it all! Currently, I am a food and drink editor for a blog, a freelance writer/graphic designer/illustrator, and I occasionally teach art classes in NYC.

What made you decide to start your own business: 

I love jewelry, but I mostly like wearing pieces that really mean something to me. So I started making jewelry just for myself. I had a lot of free time back then, because I was between jobs, and to be honest, I couldn't afford the beautiful pieces I saw in shops, so I tried to recreate my own! My friends began asking for their own pieces and started urging me to open up an Etsy. I figured it would be a great way to make money on the side doing something I loved, and everyone has been so supportive. It's been really fun to watch Kikay grow.

What is your process for making your products?: 
I make everything at home, either in NY or NJ. I draw inspiration from everything, and I only make jewelry that I would wear, so you know I'm always 100% behind my product! It doesn't feel like work at all - most of the work that I do outside of Kikay is based around a computer, and it feels great to get away from it from time to time and do something creative with my hands. 

Do you think it's important for people to buy American handmade?: 
Yes! I'm always attracted to handmade products because I truly believe that love and care is an important element in any product.

Favorite quote: 
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

Shop for Kikay items on our website by clicking here.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Bitty Q&A With Little Flower Soap Company's Holly Rutt

I have recently opened an online shop called Domestic Living Comforts that features American made items, many of which are handmade.  I would like to introduce to you one of our fabulous artisans, Holly Rutt.

Holly Rutt prints ""For beautiful lips speak words of kindness" ~Audrey Hepburn on the side of her tubes of lip balm.

Company Name: The Little Flower Soap Co

Tell us a little about who you are personally:
I am a nature and design obsessed wedding florist and soap maker living in Detroit with my husband (a full time student). I have a BBA in management, which was a whole lot of no fun to get but I did it and no regrets! I can honestly say I'm spirited although my friends and family might describe me as intense... lets meet in the middle and say easily inspired.

What made you decide to start your own business:

When I was 16 and the pressure was on to decide what I wanted to "be when I grew up" I felt very idealistically that I wanted to open a coffee shop like "Cheers" and introduce people to each other, help them make friends and feel a sense of community outside of the house and work or school... That is why I went to business school where I learned that buying and operating a coffee shop is a giant investment followed by working 90 hours a week..

I finished business school and became an office manager (meh). After about 4 jobs I noticed a pattern of really not liking my bosses so naturally I gravitated to not having one :) I had worked with flowers in a Whole Foods while in college so friends asked me to design for their weddings, and after awhile strangers asked, and before long, I quit my day job and just designed for weddings.

Meanwhile, I had learned soap making from a dear friend and college roommate who brought me in on the family recipe as an honorary sister. Turns out the recipe makes 125 bars so firstly we used it as wedding favors for our own wedding and then I hit the local craft shows and the rest is history.

What is your process for making your products?

Everything is lovingly measured and mixed by hand then packaged with obsessive care. My sister and mother each work for me and can tell you what a stickler I am for perfect packaging.
Besides the amazing heirloom soap recipe I mentioned before, all the recipes are meticulously intuited by my husband, who has a background in organic chemistry and is now studying to be a doctor. He is crazy about great body care and spends hours on my recipes (when he should be doing homework).

Do you think it's important for people to buy American handmade?

Let me give an example of why I feel it is SO important to support handmade artisan shops, be they American or not. Have you ever walked into an old Cathedral and seen the ornate carved mahogany pews, epic stain glass windows, hand stitched tapestries... and then perhaps you have seen a more modern building with drywall, carpet, and fake plants. At some point we decided we didn't need the people who hand carved the mahogany so the craft went away, and we rarely get to see it anymore. We snatch up magazines and spend hours on pinterest because we all want to surround ourselves with beautiful things. I think the most beautiful things are hand crafted by artisans and if we don't pay to have them, the craft will go away.

So, that lecture aside, we seem to be living in a renaissance of people who get it and not to worry because we have revived so many nearly lost crafts (great beer making, the straight razor shave, artisan soaps and dutch master floral designs)!

Is it important to buy them in America specifically? Yes, if you want American people to get to enjoy being skilled crafters and not just desk jockeys :)

Favorite quotes:

"We can do no great things only small things with great love"
~St. Therese of Lisieux

"People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.
What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway. Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.
In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway."
-Mother Teresa


I print this on the side of all my lip balm tubes:
"For beautiful lips speak words of kindness"
~Audrey Hepburn.

Friday, February 21, 2014

America the Imported. Buy American.

Our economy is in a very bad place. More and more, I hear people complain about how high their taxes are, how low their income is, and how we need to turn this economy around. But then, we shop at places with rock bottom prices like WalMart and buy things that are made in other countries.

For me, WalMart is a great place to buy window cleaner, movies, things like that. Living in this country, with our crapped out economy, it makes sense to save money buying something at the cheapest price possible. However, buying gifts, home goods, accessories, pots and pans, clothing? I just can't.

Less and less can we find things made in America. I walked through WalMart the other day, to see how many items I could find that were American made. Nothing I picked up was made in this country. But it's not just WalMart. It's everywhere. As a proponent of shopping locally, I've walked into small, family owned shops in an attempt to put my money where my mouth was and often times, I was saddened to see that many of the cute little things I picked up were made in China, Thailand or India. Did you know that the Fort Wayne, Indiana based Vera Bradley moved their manufacturing plant to China?* It devastated the workers in Indiana, where bags were originally made, and over 700 Americans lost their jobs. Vera Bradley said that they couldn't handle the business so they had to send it out of the country. But other businesses, like Alex and Ani, keep their businesses (and their money) in America.

Vera Bradley, made in China since 2008.

My beloved New Jersey catstudio pillow was made in India, and my Jersey Shore dish towel was made in Thailand. The pillows and towels feature countries and prized U.S. destinations, yet they are made in other countries? I'm confused.

My New Jersey catstudio pillow was made in India!

Very little is made here in America. Even Craftsman tools are now, mostly, being made overseas. On the occasion that I find something made right here in America, I feel elated. Bath and Body Works are all made in America, unless otherwise marked. If everything we bought was made in our country, our economy would turn around quickly.

I have pledged to only buy American made items. Saw a cool silicone flower that goes over your mug to keep your coffee warm, $10. The bottom was stamped Made in China so I put it down. What a difference we all could make if we only bought American made items. Try it for a few days. See how hard it is to find American made items, and how good it feels to put things down that are mass produced in other countries.

The realization that buying American is a tough job for consumers drove me to open a small online shop that sells American made items. Everything is made right here in this country. It makes me feel good to support American small business while providing consumers with quality items. Find out more. Visit my shop by clicking here: Domestic Living Comforts [American Made].

*Want a bag similar to Vera Bradley but made in America? Try Stephanie Dawn. Read more about Stephanie Dawn here.

Tiffany Palisi is the owner of Domestic Goddess Ltd., a company that specializes in hand poured, scented candles. On the side, she searches for products/recipes/ideas/shops that she loves, then shares them with her friends on this blog, and sells American made items online at Domestic Living Comforts. She resides in New Jersey with her boyfriend, their four children and two rescued dogs. She can be reached at domesticgoddessltd@aol.com. 

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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Skinny on Coconut Oil

I've always been a fan of coconut oil. Before Dr. Oz and other big hitters were touting it's ability to help us lean up, I was a fan. Raised by parents who took me, as a kid, to our local health food store, Jandi's Nature Way (now Jandi's Natural Market), for a treat, natural peanut butter, sesame seed sticks and Tiger's Milk Bars were my version of normal. It's because of them that I gravitate toward health food stores.

I started using coconut oil as a moisturizer. For years, I used it every time I got out of the shower, used it while out in the sun (never burned, btw), and as lip balm. I sometimes used it to cook with, but I was more attached to using it for body care.

While browsing OpenSky, I saw coconut oil in a cool package and wanted to try it. Skinny Coconut Oil looks luxurious.

Skinny Coconut Oil. It's as good as it looks.
Well, in this case, looks are NOT deceiving. This stuff is incredible. It's solid, but the minute it hits your skin, it melts to a smooth liquid. It is not greasy, but is very moisturizing. I used it on my body after the shower and my skin immediately felt nourished. I used it on my lips which is great because it's totally edible and makes kisses taste good, too.

Just a few days ago, while adhering wicks into my empty candle glass, a bit of hot glue dripped from the glue gun and landed on my right hand. As I attempted to pull it off with my other hand, it attached to my finger and began to burn. Within seconds, the pain became excruciating and I ended up with a second degree burn.

Ouch. Burns hurt.
I know that you aren't supposed to put certain things on a burn (like butter), so as I was crying in pain (seriously, those burns hurt), my called for my boyfriend to search our house for burn cream. We didn't have any (who does?). I said no to Neosporin, no to similar options. I didn't want something to prevent infection. I wanted something to make the pain go away. And then it hit me. The coconut oil. To me, coconut oil is like magic (as is coconut water). I asked him to please get the coconut oil to put on the burn. Now, I did have my finger soaking in water for quite a while, but every time I'd take it out, it would sting. I applied the coconut oil to the burn and, boom, just like that it felt much better. Given that coconut oil is anti-bacterial, I've continued to apply it to the burn daily.

I've shared the coconut oil with my dogs, whose coats already seem shinier. I've applied it to my frown lines, my cuticles, and to my lips after brushing my teeth. Being a former smoker (I know, gross, right?), I worry about lines forming above my lips, but I cannot imagine the idea of using Botox to make them disappear (that immobile upper lip on Courtney Cox is disturbingly distracting).  Instead, I'm slathering the coconut oil there, as well. The options are endless.

Skinny Coconut Oil uses a process that, the company info explains, is "not duplicated by any other coconut oil manufacturer in the world." It's a process that "extracts the 100% RAW coconut meat by cooling and dehumidifying" their hand picked, virgin coconuts. They go on to teach that heated coconut oil makes is "less effective and more difficult for the body to absorb. Unfortunately, the majority of oils on the market claim to be "cold pressed" when it is only the final step... that uses a cold pressed system."

I am happily becoming dependent on the jar of Skinny Coconut Oil that's sitting on my bathroom shelf.  Just $24.99 for 16.7 oz., it's easily beats out the price of good face creams, is far more effective... and all natural.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Croissant Class Confessional

I've always had a love of baking. I used to make weekly banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and a fabulous pumpkin bread recipe my mother got from her neighbor, Peggy Chang. In summer, along with my decked out, red white and blue patriotic home decor, I make low-fat blueberry muffins. I can make a mean egg less chocolate cake, and a cream cheese pound cake that starts in a cold oven,  requires tending to every 20 minutes bringing up the heat, in timed increments, until it's done. Outside of that, I have little skill.

My boyfriend and I decided to take a croissant baking class at Chocolate Ciel, a baking studio that recently opened in Cedar Grove (just minutes from Montclair). The owner, Colleen Klabin, is a pastry chef who trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York City.

We begin with a recipe & instruction packet, a rolling pin, and dough.

We arrived ten minutes late because, try as I might, I have no concept of time. Walking in quietly (as the class had already begun), Klabin came to us to catch us up to speed. We learned how to make dough, roll it out, envelope the butter, then fold it into layers to create the flaky goodness that makes a croissant. Music played softly in the background. We were all new to croissant making; some came out of a love of baking, others (like me) with a desire to learn new techniques.

Jeff Burrowes gave his girlfriend, Sandy Morales, this croissant making class for her
birthday, which happened to be on the exact same day that the class was held.
Klabin taught to our level and spoke in a way that helped us understand what we were and why, explained where room for error was allowed (rolling it out too big or imperfectly), and what techniques required being precise.

My boyfriend rolled out his dough perfectly. Mine was so
poorly shaped that I chose not to photograph it :)
Measuring and marking where to cut for a perfect
croissant, his execution was unmatchable.

She provided an instruction booklet, complete with drawings and the croissant recipe. Additionally, we got to make a second batch of dough to take home with us. I learned that you should roll/knead the dough with just one hand, to get it into a ball quicker, but that I can also do it with my KitchenAid mixer. Guess who's making more croissants today?

Here, Dave Oscar puts egg wash on the croissants while his wife,
Diane Esty, watches intently as Klabin roll chocolate into croissants.

Chocolate Ciel does have specific classes for children, and also offers Mommy and Me classes, but mature children are welcome to take these sorts of baking classes. 

Dana Oscar, 9, attended class with her parents. She has a love of baking that
her mother, Diane, said "she gets from her father."

While the croissants were baking, we were treated to cheese and nuts. We snacked and talked, and got to know the other people in the class. The mood was relaxed and inviting. We each left with a box full of croissants that we'd baked, freshly made dough to continue our baking at home, and the recipe so that we could do it again.

One of the many croissants that I made yesterday.
This morning, for breakfast, I had one of yesterday's croissants. Absolute heaven. And knowing that I made it myself is that much better.

Chocolate Ciel's instructor and owner, Colleen Klabin.
Chocolate Ciel is located at 9 Sand Park Road in Cedar Grove. Class listings and other information can be found on their website www.chocolateciel.com. Be sure to check them out on facebook, as well.

Tiffany Palisi is the owner of Domestic Goddess Ltd., a company that specializes in hand poured, scented candles. On the side, she searches for products/recipes/ideas/shops that she loves, then shares them with her friends on this blog. She resides in New Jersey with her boyfriend, their four children and two rescued dogs. She can be reached at domesticgoddessltd@aol.com. 

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Must-Haves for Valentine's Day (vintage, handmade and local)

Valentine's Day has always been my favorite holiday. Nestled in the middle of a month whose temperature trends chilly, hearts hanging from windows warm the spirit while people talk about love, and generously gift chocolate. Always looking for ways to up the ante without depleting my savings account, I've put together a list of fabulous handmade and vintage items, all made (and in the case of vintage, sold) right here in New Jersey. Not in the area? No problem! Everyone listed will ship, so go ahead and feel good about supporting small businesses and the U.S. economy! Many of those listed have generously offered readers 10% off Friday through Sunday by using coupon code: ILOVEDG so go ahead and get your credit card out. Don't worry. I promise that you won't break the bank.

A little Valentine with heart.
Let's begin with chocolate. As a kid, I coveted the box of chocolates that my parents got me each year. Get chocolate that's taken to an artisan level with Amsterdam Chocolates. Mary Amsterdam makes the most decadent, hand decorated chocolates from her shop's kitchen in Mountain Lakes. They are sold at her brick and mortar at 5 Romaine Road in Mountain Lakes, but you can also buy them on etsy. Lots to try, including her salted caramels (starting at just $3), her to die for coconut bark (starting at just $5), and so much more.  Amsterdam Chocolates has activated the 10% off coupon code: ILOVEDG

Amsterdam Chocolates taste as good as they look. This box of 12 truffles is
perfect for anyone on your list, and is only $18. Valentine boxes are also available.
Visit their etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/AmsterdamChocolates

Paired perfectly with a box of chocolate is this amazing limited edition Chocolate Truffle soap three pack! These heart shaped soaps are beautifully gift boxed and come in three chocolate styles: luxury, cocoa and Valentine's. Handcrafted in small batches in Boonton, Pam Saldutti makes small batches of her cold-process soaps, and they take a minimum of 7 weeks to cure. These are exceptional, moisturizing, and long lasting. Not to mention fun! Order yours before they sell out. Her etsy shop is located at www.etsy.com/shop/PSILoveSoapCoP.S. I Love Soap Co. has activated the 10% off coupon code: ILOVEDG

One of the three choco-tastic soaps in the gift set offered by P.S. I Love Soap Co.
Visit their etsy shop to see the gorgeous gift boxed set (complete with sweet pink ribbon).

Fresh flowers are beautiful (believe me, I love them) but they don't last long. There's changing the water, keeping them out of sunlight, and before you know it, they are losing their petals. Well, here's a bouquet that lasts, and doesn't require any water. This dozen paper flower bunch is a blend of light and bright pink by Posh Studios, and is sure to brighten any one's day. I'd love to get flowers like this as a gift (hint, hint). Made right in Morris Plains by Cassie, these are sure to impress your Valentine. Go check this (and many other bouquets, banners, corsages, boutonnieres) on their etsy shop at: www.etsy.com/shop/PoshStudios. Posh Studios has activated the 10% off coupon code: ILOVEDG

This gorgeous bouquet is packed with 12 handmade paper carnations and is just $50.
To buy, visit the Posh Studios etsy shop.

Since home is where the heart is, reflect that love with this fabulous vintage metal heart mirror, sold by {verdigreen}. It even has two candle holders for your taper candles to light up your life two times, baby! You can walk into their wonderful brick and mortar at 182 Glenridge Avenue, in the GLAM section of Montclair, or shop online. Remember, this is found vintage so there is only one available! Hurry up and grab this gem. Visit their etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/verdigreen {verdigreen} has activated the 10% off coupon code: ILOVEDG

This vintage metal heart+mirror+candelabra is fabulously shabby chic and so very romantic.
Only $22 and only one available. Make it yours. {verdigreen} is on etsy.

In keeping with the home theme, why not deck the walls with some heart garland. Montclair Made offers all sorts of garland in different paper designs. Both delicate and decorative, the garland is made with vintage field guides and the hearts are doubled up so they can be folded back to become 3D. Made by Clare Cohen in Montclair, you will use these year after year. For just $8 per garland, you can get a bunch and hang them in all the windows of your home. Montclair Made has activated the 10% off coupon code: ILOVEDG

This garland is made from a vintage field guide to seashores.
You can find it on her etsy page: www.etsy.com/shop/MontclairMade

Wear your heART on your wall with this rustic, handmade nail heart. 100 year old wood hosts red yarn and nails to create a heart to remember. Made by Culture Cabin's own Erika Domanico and selling for only $25. Convo her to purchase by visiting her facebook page, or shop live at her brick and mortar at 1017 Main Street, in the Arts section of Boonton.
Old wood is good wood, especially when it's got a heart on it!
100 year old wood gets wall play when you hang it in your home.

Feeling like a little lovebird? Make love on your 'fridge with this hand burned lovebirds on a wood slice magnet by Forage Workshop. Amy DiPalma of Boonton hand burns everything freehand, making for a unique one of a kind piece. I have her personalized heart and initials magnet, the lovebirds, and even her wood sliced personalized ornament (and more... too much to list). It's a small obsession, but at such affordable prices, why not? Forage Workshop has activated the 10% off coupon code: ILOVEDG

Give your lover a lovebird magnet. Stick it anywhere a magnet works.
Always remember that love beats all. Forage magnet, only $8 on etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/ForageWorkshop

As the mama of two rescues, I am always looking for ways to make my dogs feel special. This Valentine's Day I am loving Bubba Rose Biscuit Company's heart box of cookies! It's a 6.5" velvet box with a satin bow, and even has a gift tag for you to write the name of your furry recipient! Priced at just $19.99, I might have to buy them for all of Rocco's lady friends. They also have adorable love cake bites, Valentine's Day bon bons, and a box of peanut butter cinnamon heart shaped cookies with "good dog", "I woof you" and "puppy love" handwritten on them. For everyday, my dogs love their CRACK! bars. Shop live at 421 Main Street in Boonton or online at www.bubbarose.com. Bubba Rose has activated the 10% off coupon code: ILOVEDG (and they will honor the code for shoppers who walk in, as well)
It's all about puppy love over at Bubba Rose Biscuit Company.

And finally, the most personal of all (for me, at least) is a product that I make :)  I created this personalized candle because I am a die hard romantic. On the candle label, you can specialize names and a date (be it the year you met, the year you married, the year you gift this, or even how many years together). Let me help you celebrate your love. Hey, if you want to propose, I'll even ask the question (on the candle) for you. Only $24 on etsy! Domestic Goddess is honoring the 10% off coupon code: ILOVEDG

Make this your own. Your name, your message, you name it.
Available in our etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/DomesticGoddessLine
Oh, and I must hop across the Hudson to share the best product for kissable lips. You Da Balm is a lip balm made in Brooklyn. Hand made and organic, it tastes as divine as it's labeled. Get your kiss on in luxurious style. Check 'em out at www.youdabalm.com. Mwwwwwah!

Tiffany Palisi is the owner of Domestic Goddess Ltd., a company that specializes in hand poured, scented candles. On the side, she searches for products/recipes/ideas/shops that she loves, then shares them with her friends on this blog. She resides in New Jersey with her boyfriend, their four children and two rescued dogs. She can be reached at domesticgoddessltd@aol.com. 

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